Thursday, November 17, 2016

Ben Shapiro - Madison Protest

On her Facebook page, Vicki McKenna has posted a little over 20 minutes of Ben Shapiro's speech at UW-Madison.

She describes it as mayhem.

Good description.

Watch the video:

From the beginning, Shapiro was interrupted by protesters. This happened repeatedly as he tried to speak. The protesters were determined to shut him down. They did succeed in disrupting the event with their lame chants.




It really was a terrible display, but the audience didn't accept the protesters' thuggish tactics.

Shapiro was speaking at the podium for about 14 minutes when the protesters actually marched to the front of the lecture hall and blocked Shapiro. There were even some young children in the group. More lame chanting ensued. "Safe-ty! Safe-ty! Safe-ty! Safe-ty!"

Audience members countered the Leftists with a chant of their own, "Free speech matters."

At one point, Shapiro wrote on the chalkboard behind him, "MORONS."

That was met with cheering and applause.

Look at UW's "protest guidelines," distributed to those in attendance.

Noise that interferes with classes, events, and other activities is inappropriate.

Why were these protesters permitted to "interfere" with Shapiro's appearance?

According to Vicki, UW police told Ben Shapiro organizers they were instructed NOT to stop the speech disruption.

I highly doubt such tolerance for disruption would be allowed if a Leftist speaker was silenced by protesters.

Eventually, the protesters left and free speech was the victor.

From WKOW:
The demonstrators did end up leaving the lecture hall, but not before chanting expletives and flipping off Shapiro. It didn't take long for Shapiro to raise his two middle fingers back towards the protesters who continued their chants in the hallway.

UW-Police were at the event. Nobody was arrested and Shapiro was able to finish his speech.


Anonymous said...

From Ben Shapiro's Twitter page, he said that we was protested by both Black Lives Matter and a white supremacy group: a sign he's doing something right! As an aside, have they any idea that Shapiro opposed Trump, protested the morphing of Breitbart into Trumpbart, exposed the evil of Steve Bannon (a word I don't use lightly), and gets the lion's share of anti-semitic alt-right Twitter harrassment and abuse?

Mary said...


I do wonder if they know. Whatever, it's insane. They probably just know whatever Leftist propaganda has been circulated about Shapiro. Not only do they reveal their stupidity, but they do it in such an annoying and bullying way. To quote Shapiro, "MORONS."

Richard Hendricks said...

wisconsin used to great place for considering multiple viewpoints and considering the validity of an argument. obviously that's not possible when a few are allowed to prevent the argument from being made.

we would all win in a court if we simply prevented the jury from hearing opposing arguments. that wouldn't be justice,

if this last election showed you nothing else, you should have learned that opposing views exist in large measure and that shouting at those who have them into silence only solidifies thier determination.

wake up Badgers. you would not be the first 20 year old to foolishly conclude you knew it all already or ignore evidence contrary to your perspective.