Friday, November 18, 2016

Ben Shapiro, Madison - Protesters' Vulgar Chant

Wednesday's Young America's Foundation lecture at UW-Madison, featuring Ben Shapiro, brought out the Leftist loons. Some brought their young children.

Watch them go completely berserk, chanting things that weren't at all child-friendly.

The video coming out from this event is eye-opening. The Leftist media don't depict the anti-Trump protesters and the Black Lives Matter protesters and the fill-in-the-blank protesters as nutjobs. They're shown to be passionate and concerned and committed to justice. They revealed to be the bullying, hateful thugs they are.


Hey, we're on the same page! BUT, these people were directing their foul-mouthed remarks at people attending the lecture and at Ben Shapiro, calling them racists. We're not on the same page at all.

So misdirected!

I suspect those protesters' children have witnessed a lot of this stuff in their young lives. Why would parents want to expose their kids to all that anger and shouting? How very sad! They're so little and they're being raised to believe lies and have an ugly world view.

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