Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Bill Maher and Jimmy Fallon: Pro-Hillary, Anti-Trump Propaganda

Bill Maher was Jimmy Fallon's first guest on The Tonight Show Monday.

It was as awful as I expected it would be.

Fallon set Maher up to trash Trump and he didn't disappoint.

Clearly, NBC wanted to stump for Hillary on the night before the election, literally giving Hillary free commercial time to a viewing audience of millions.

Maher made statements that were false. He stated unsubstantiated claims as if they were facts. Pure propaganda, beasendorsed by The Tonight Show and NBC.

Here are a few samples of Maher's offensive remarks, his spin and vitriol:

BILL MAHER: This has never happened before, this kind of an election, where Russia hacked one party's emails. Right? You know this.


MAHER: You know this. Right? One party's. One side. And the FBI is OK with it. The FBI is our internal police force. They are supposed to not take sides. They are with Russia. I thought they were the enemy. OK? This is scary.

FALLON: Crazy. Yeah.

MAHER: When one side starts calling the other side criminal, I mean, you may not like Hillary Clinton or agree with her policies, although I don't know why, they hacked her! And she's not that interesting. What did they find? They looked everywhere. Her emails were intermingled with Anthony Weiner's. No wonder she wiped her server. I would have had it boiled. But what did they find? A tireless government nerd who never stops working for you.


MAHER: What a criminal! You know, I mean, 'pussy-gate' was only a month ago.


MAHER: And it really bothers me that America has just absorbed this. It's ridiculous! ... GOP. GOP now stands for 'grab our pussies.'


So, you're rooting for Trump. Is that what you're saying?

MAHER: It's not funny. I mean it's funny and we are trying to be funny. And look, we are funny, but it's not funny.

Maher then reiterated the comments he made on his own show, expressing his regret for saying bad things about Reagan, and Bush, and McCain, and Romney that they didn't deserve.
MAHER: It would never have been the end of the world with those guys. This is different. This guy is different. They have no respect for the rule of law. It's only about vengeance.

Hillary respects the rule of law???

That is absurd.

Some more of Maher's spewings:

MAHER: Also, I'm scared because, you know, Democrats never figured out really how to beat Trump. Every time he went down it was by his own doing. You said it in your monologue, now they took away his phone. Do you want to trust a guy with the nuclear codes, like Obama said, who you can't trust with the phone? No, I think what the Democrats have to do is what they do in serial killer movies. You know, when the cops can't figure out how to beat the serial killer, they get another serial killer to work with them who knows how the guy thinks. We've got to find another narcissistic billionaire. I'm thinking El Chapo.

FALLON: I don't think that's legal. I don't think that's possible. I mean, again, I can google it. What do you say to anyone who's undecided still?

MAHER: Well, I would say, 'Really?' first of all. Really? I mean, he's a racist, a liar, a tax cheat, a deadbeat, a Russian agent, and a sexual predator. 'How do you find your way out of the door in the morning?' is what I would say to the undecideds. But no, what I would say to undecideds, what I'm trying to say here, this is a different beast than we've ever encountered before.


MAHER: And I shouldn't have been so hard on Republicans in the past, because I said horrible things about George Bush, but he respected the First Amendment. He respected the Constitution. This guy does not. This will be a completely different country. And by the way, young people, when fascists take over, they don't give up power. Get used to President Trump for life.

FALLON: I knew you were gonna have strong opinions, so I-- but that's why we love you.
"That's why we love you"?

Oh, good grief!

One more line from Maher, regarding the GOP point that America is in bad shape and needs to go in a different direction:

BILL MAHER: The black president did well, but in their alternative reality, the black president is horrible. America's hanging by a thread. I mean, if you listen to them, there's always a cold knife at your throat and a brown dick at your lips.

You knew eventually he'd get around to calling Trump supporters racist.

Maher will be Maher. No surprise there. Of course, he said this deranged stuff.

But, why did NBC and Fallon have to take such a one-sided stand on the eve of this extremely tense and polarizing election?

There was nothing remotely entertaining about the segment with Maher.

Maher delivered an anti-Trump tirade and urged younger voters, Millennials, to get out and vote for Hillary.


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