Thursday, November 10, 2016

David French - 'Trump's America' Dystopian Rhetoric

This is annoying. Too little, too late.

After a year of mocking and trashing Trump and his supporters, David French is "infuriated" by the dystopian rhetoric.


Yes, I know about the terrible abuse David French received on Twitter by Trump supporters, allegedly. I say allegedly because, given the information unearthed by WikiLeaks and the revelations from Project Veritas, I think it's legitimate to question the source of at least some of the attacks on French. He, and other Never Trump people, were harassed online. They didn't feel safe in their homes. Their families were threatened as well. Just awful.

Such tactics are absolutely despicable. That sort of intimidation is inexcusable. Am I clear about that? I thoroughly condemn such behavior. What happened to David French and others is indefensible. Again, am I clear? I hope so.

That said, as a Never Trump leader, French mercilessly mocked Trump and, to use French's term, the Trumpkins. He rooted for Trump's political demise. He encouraged the marginalization of millions of Americans.

Now, he's infuriated by the rhetoric?


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