Friday, November 18, 2016

Edgewood College Sticky Note 'Hate Crime'

The Leftists have truly lost their minds when they view this sticky note, found at Edgewood College in Madison, Wisconsin, as a possible HATE CRIME.

How threatening! Especially that evil wink! Call the police!

With all due respect to Edgewood College, this is absolutely ridiculous.

Is the message mocking in tone? Yes.

Does it rise anywhere near the level of a HATE CRIME? No.

Read the letter from Tony Chambers, Vice President for Student Development, describing the horror of the sticky note.

(A list of contact information for college offices is provided in the letter. People with information on the incident, or others, are encouraged to report it.)

Over the past week, there have been increasing reports of hateful acts on college and university campuses across the country. Covert micro-aggressions and overt macro-aggressions appear to have taken on new fervor in higher education since our national election....

Edgewood College is not immune from such matters. Last weekend our campus was visited by an act of cowardly hatred. One of our students initiated a process by which students (...and others) could express their feelings about the election outcome by writing their feelings on sticky notes and placing them on a table located in Wingra Commons. Many intense emotions were shared on the sticky notes representing various perspectives. From a review of the responses, this attempt at providing an avenue for sharing seemed to be a success.

Unfortunately, in a targeted act of intimidation and cowardice this past weekend, someone chose to post a sticky note message on the inside window of the Office of Student Diversity and Inclusion (OSDI) in Predolin Hall. A great deal of fear, sadness, and anger among students, faculty, and staff resulted--especially for those that gather in the OSDI space. It violated every value that this institution considers to be at its core.

A group of cross-functional college staff representing campus security, student conduct, human resources, Title IX enforcement, and diversity and inclusion measures convened Tuesday morning to discuss how to address the hateful message. The group determined that the message constituted a Hate Crime, based on guidelines from the Jeanne Cleary Act and state law. In accordance with the policies and procedures set forth in the Edgewood College Student Code of Conduct, this incident has been reported to the Madison Police Department and is currently being investigated as a Hate Crime.


Let me be clear: These types of acts will not be tolerated at Edgewood College. They are inexcusable, and those who have been identified as perpetrators of such acts have no place in our community.
I'm sure many of the "intense emotions" on the sticky notes express concerns about racism as a result of Trump's election.

What about the students who voted for Trump? In effect, they are being harassed and called racists. What about the "fear, sadness, and anger" being experienced by those students as a result of this unfair assault on them by the Leftist students and faculty?

Why doesn't that abuse constitute a HATE CRIME worthy of investigation? Why aren't those students being protected by the college faculty and staff?

Why isn't the "suck it up" note validated as a sincere expression of frustration at the overwrought, "the sky is falling" reaction to the election and the wholesale demonization of Trump voters?

Are the Edgewood College students really so fragile that the "suck it up" message causes them to shatter?

If so, that's a real problem.

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This new generation of entitled drama-queens are in serious trouble when the real world bites 'em in the ass.