Thursday, November 3, 2016

Jimmy Fallon: Cubs and Indians World Series Jokes

JIMMY FALLON: The big story right now is the World Series. Tonight was Game 7 between the Chicago Cubs and the Cleveland Indians. The Cubs actually, they actually came back from being down three games to one to force a seventh game. That's right. Cleveland had a big lead, then it disappeared; or as Hillary Clinton put it, "FBI?"

I saw that a pair of tickets to tonight's Game 7 sold on StubHub for almost $40,000, and the couple still left in the seventh inning to beat traffic. 'Get your purse, Linda. We'll catch the end on the radio.'

I saw that both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have run national commercials during the World Series games, marking the only time Cubs and Indians fans were booing at the same time. We're watching this to get away from you.

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