Saturday, November 12, 2016

Jimmy Fallon: President-Elect Trump Jokes

JIMMY FALLON: The dust is still settling from the election and I saw that yesterday a reporter asked Donald Trump if he's ready to be president, and he responded by giving two thumbs up. So, it's official. A white guy is definitely back in the office.

Did you know this? At age 70, Donald Trump is the oldest president elected in U.S. history, which means he shouldn't be surprised in four years if America dumps him for a younger, hotter president.

But it seems like Trump is already getting to work. Yesterday, he met with President Obama in the Oval Office and he said that he had great chemistry with President Obama, while Obama was like, 'Thank God for legal weed.'


Even though a lot of people are nervous about what a Trump presidency might look like, a long-time friend of Trump says that Trump intends to build a, quote, wall of understanding. He also said Trump would put up some barbed wire of compassion and a roadblock of empathy. Might need to tweak the metaphors a little bit there.

I read that Trump spoke with the President of South Korea yesterday and pledged to keep an unwavering alliance with the country. Then he paused and said, 'Wait. You're the good Korea, right? Gangnam Style?'


Trump's got other problems to deal with first. He may actually have to appear in court before he takes office because of a lawsuit against him. Of course, to remain impartial, the court wants a jury who doesn't know anything about Trump. So, they're going to go with people who voted for him.

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