Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Jimmy Fallon: Trump Jokes

JIMMY FALLON: President Obama actually said yesterday that if things get better under President Trump, he'll be the first to congratulate him. Well, technically, he'll be the second because Trump will congratulate himself.

I read that Donald Trump doesn't want to live at the White House full-time, and he's thinking about commuting from New York City. It's all part of Trump's plan to Make American Great Again and to make traffic in New York City worse than ever.

Trump apparently wants to commute to Washington, DC by helicopter. Trump asked the pilot if he's got those radio headphones so they can talk to each other in the air, and the pilot was like, 'Nope.'

This is really crazy. Donald Trump has reportedly asked for his adult children to get top level security clearance so that they can see classified documents, and explain them to him.

That's right. Trump is trying to get top secret security clearance for his kids, which explains why today Vladimir Putin asked Trump to adopt him. 'Hello, Donald. I mean, uh, Dad.'


The new Beauty and the Beast trailer came out yesterday and shows the candlestick, Lumière, the teapot, Mrs. Potts, and Chip the teacup. People are calling them the most likable cabinet members in the news this week.

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