Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Obama Blames FOX News for Democrats' Inability to Reach Voters

It's incredible that Obama actually cites the alleged omnipresence of FOX News as the obstacle that blocked Democrats from reaching voters.

It's laughable.

He and the Democrats have the Leftist news media and the entertainment industry in their pocket, yet FOX News is the problem.

Obama can't be serious. He's either lying or delusional.

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Anonymous said...

Whether lying or delusional, completely absent from the discussion is that their proposals and smug attitude is losing in the marketplace of ideas.

The Hon. Thurgood Marshall--hardly a right winger--advised that social change can only be sold in increments. Obama, Bernie, Warren, and millenial progressives in their corner said to hell with patience.

Trump, imperfect though he is, won because people are sick of social change being foisted on them and the social justice warrior culture of everyone being an irredeemable bigot unless they fawn over LGBTQ coming out (religious faith being an expression of hate) and raise security questions about refugees (which can be done without being a racialist or claiming white genocide). Maybe retire the word "hate" except when dealing with the real thing?