Thursday, November 10, 2016

Trump and Women Voters

From AFP, Trump fared well with women voters despite sex assault claims:

Despite sex assault allegations hounding him, fat-shaming a former beauty queen and his controversial abortion stand, a large number of women voters helped put Donald Trump in the White House.

Though his rival, Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, clinched 54 percent of the female vote, Trump was backed by 42 percent of women voters, which contributed to his stunning victory, according to CNN exit polls.

Some 53 percent of white women voters supported the Republican candidate, CNN said, the majority of them (62 percent) non-college educated.

The results upended predictions that sexist and degrading comments Trump made against women would sway female voters -- who accounted for about 52 percent of the electorate Tuesday -- in favor of a candidate that could have broken the glass ceiling.

Experts said the outcome is not surprising, and reflects an election in which issues about the economy, jobs and immigration were much higher on all voters' priority list than gender issues.
First, why believe CNN exit polls?

That aside, the elite media and the Democrats and the Never Trump crowd completely underestimated the intelligence of female voters.

They thought we couldn't tell the difference between the real world consequences of Republican leadership and policies and past buffoonish remarks.

It's insulting to assume that women would vote for Hillary simply because of her gender or be swayed by personality without weighing the issues.

Furthermore, the assumption that women are all on the same page politically or have the same concerns is so shallow and an affront to the intelligence of women.

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