Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Bill Penzey Attacks FOX News

Monday evening, Bill Penzey emailed a lengthy screed.

Subject line: A Vote for Cooking

Was it the Electoral College vote that set him off? Perhaps.

Just days before Christmas, Penzey decided to go political rather than focus on serving customers. He targeted FOX News.

How original!

Here's the email:

Just a reminder of the Midnight end to our offer of a free 2nd day shipping upgrade with the purchase of one of our really nice Penzeys Cooking gift boxes. With its $37.95 price, it also qualifies for a free $12.95 value Special Mini Kind Heart box and a $6.95 value Ruth Ann's Muskego Ave Seasoning. This is a great offer. It ends at Midnight. So of course, don't delay.

This has been quite the year. In the aftermath of the election, we pretty quickly realized it was in our Kind Heart and Love People—Cook them tasty food gift boxes that we would find the first steps back to where we all needed to be. All the different pieces that make up Penzeys are staffed with some pretty amazing people. To see how these separate pieces came together so quickly to turn us in the direction we needed to be facing, was something pretty cool to be a part of. Thanks all.

And Love and Kindness is very much the message we need to remind us of the real American values we must all work to preserve and protect in these coming months. As we saw in Wisconsin six years ago, the greatest damage to our economy, our schools, and our way of life all happened in those first few months while all too many of us were sidelined by our sense of loss over what had just happened.

Since our Cooking trumps Racism email/Facebook post, I've read thousands and thousands of emails from those who wish to have me understand that racism was in no way the motivation for how they voted. The interesting, and maybe even hopeful, piece to these emails is that in the world of their writers, there was no racism, homophobia, or even sexism to their candidate. For many of these voters, reality is simply labeled "the main stream media" and is something to be resisted. In spite of the damage they have just done to our country, these voters are not bad people. In their minds, just about every one of them believes their vote was about restoring American values, and winning respect and admiration for America from a world they are, in all honesty, pretty out of touch with.

In a year where the curtain has been pulled back on Roger Ailes and the world he created with Fox News, you'd think there would be worth in asking values voters how they have come to be so tightly latched to his alternative to reality, but there is no point. We've learned here in Wisconsin that the "can't you see what you're doing?" approach goes nowhere. Ultimately, argument is not going to solve the issues we are facing. If we hope to bring these voters back to reality, we have to show them that the world of reality is actually a better place to be than the Fox News alternative Ailes spent the last four decades creating.

Our world view comes from viewing the world many-many times over. From this experience I believe Cooking is our best hope to show what human values really are, and how our human values know no borders or divides of race, religion, orientation, or gender. We have a long road ahead of us, and this is where most times you would read "and it won't be easy." But seriously, hanging out, sharing conversations and tasty food with all sorts of people from all sorts of backgrounds? This is going to be fun. Plus, who doesn't like tasty food?

No coupon or code needed for the free 2nd day shipping upgrade with the Penzeys Cooking box purchase or for the free $12.95 value Special Kind Heart Mini with every $29.95 or above Gift Box purchased; these are automatic for all. For your $6.95 Ruth Ann's Muskego Avenue, after reaching at least $5 in spending enter 24554C into the apply code box when checking out. Now's the time to finish up your holiday shopping. Visit us at penzeys.com.



Penzey keeps the insults coming.

If you're conservative, he doesn't like you. He thinks you're out of touch with reality.

I really don't know why any person with even the slightest conservative leaning would do business with Penzey.

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BH Patrick said...

He's right and has the courage to speak up. I'm a customer for life.