Thursday, December 1, 2016

Mediaite and Spoiled Barron Trump

I couldn't find the story on the website. I wondered if the image was fake. So did others.

I trust Greta. The story was on Mediaite, but now it's gone.

Of course, once it's posted, it lives forever.

You can see the source is Worldlifestyle, but Mediaite is responsible for promoting it.

Barron Trump is really being abused. It's awful.

He's just ten years old!

The Leftists are so compassionate, aren't they?


Anonymous said...

Re: being fake, this is clearly clickbait not unlike the fake news plague. It probably appeared right next to "one weird trick to pay off your mortgage" and "this woman's transformation left everyone speechless" links.

What we need is educating people on being able to discern clickbait, sponsored content, and fake news, not calls to take it down. It's minimally just safety on the Internet: not clicking unfamiliar links that could expose you to malware.

I would liken Greta's take as akin to people demanding tabloids be pulled from grocery stores. They are clearly cap stories, and if people pass it along and believe it, then we have bigger educational problems that can't be fixed by censorship.

Mary said...

Mediaite should be held accountable for allowing it on its site.

Certainly, using Barron Trump as bait is wrong. It's not the same as all the "one weird trick" and "one food you should never eat" links.

Barron Trump should be off limits, like other presidents' kids. Unfortunately, Leftists/Trump haters can't control themselves.

They savaged Sarah Palin's children, too. I guess it's not surprising they're going after Barron.