Saturday, December 3, 2016

Trump and Taiwan and China

Trump took a congratulatory call from Taiwan. It's not as if he announced he's going to decree that the U.S. return to its previous policy of refusing to recognize the People's Republic of China. Yeah, for decades, we only recognized Taiwan. That was the one and only China.

So, Trump talked on the phone with Taiwan's president.

Oh no! China, the one with over a billion people, will be mad! Oh no! This is terrible!

If that's the case, China needs to put on its big boy pants, and so do all the people going nuts over the call.

The U.S. has an "unofficial" relationship with Taiwan.

OK. Let's consider the phone call part of that policy and "unofficial."

Speaking of awkward moments on the world stage, remember how smooth this move by Obama was when he was schmoozing with Raul Castro?

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