Sunday, December 11, 2016

Wisconsin Recount Update - Day 10: Dane County Finishes Early

The end of the Wisconsin 2016 presidential election recount is near.

The recount is 95 percent complete.

From the Wisconsin Elections Commission:

Numbers for the City of Milwaukee do not include absentee ballots, which have not yet been recounted. Milwaukee counts its absentee ballots centrally (not at the polling place) on Election Night. When those absentee ballots have been counted the numbers will be updated.

Explanations provided by clerks for the differences in numbers between canvass and the recount are also contained in the attached Explanation of Changes per Reporting Unit PDF

Dane County:
11 Absentee ballots were left in their certificate envelopes on Election Night for the City of Madison Ward 2.

City of Verona Wards 2-4 results have been removed from the Day 10 update pending further clarification from Dane County Board of Canvass.

Oconto County:
Increase of 10 votes in City of Gillett Wards 1-3, increase of 19 votes in Town of Abrams Wards 1-3, Increase of 33 votes in Town of Little Suamico Wards 1-8, Increase of 24 votes in Town of Pensaukee Wards 1-2, and an increase of 12 votes in Town of Spruce Wards 1-2. All increases in Oconto County are attributed to the use of non-standard pens or ballots being marked incorrectly. Voter intent was determined during recount canvass.

Outagamie County:
Net decrease of 14 votes in City of Kaukauna Wards 6-7 and net decrease of 12 votes in City of Kaukauna Wards 8-10 due to ballots being run through the tabulator twice on Election Day in error.

Addition of 2 votes to Day 10’s City of Appleton Ward 33 totals. The polling location includes Winnebago County reporting units and 2 ballots Ward 33 ballots were found during Winnebago County’s recount. These ballots were delivered to the Outagamie County recount canvass.
From WKOW:
Dane County has finished recounting votes in the presidential election.

Clerk Scott McDonell sent final numbers out just after 9:30 p.m. Saturday. The numbers are only minimally changed, except Hillary Clinton went from 217,526 votes before the recount to 217,698 after the recount. Donald Trump's votes did not change at 71,279.

The Wisconsin Elections Commission reports 65 of the 72 counties are finished recounting votes. The entire recount is now 95 percent complete, with almost three million ballots recounted.

Hillary Clinton has gained only 25 more votes than Donald Trump has gained, while still trailing, according to the commission. The net change as of 5:30 p.m., before the Dane County numbers were in, is more than 1,442 votes, with Trump/Pence up 628 and Clinton/Kaine up 653.

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