Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Pulaski High School Red Raider Marching Band - Rose Parade 2017

The 128th Rose Parade had 19 marching bands, including one from Pulaski, Wisconsin.

From WBAY:

The Pulaski High School Red Raiders marching band has performed in front of an audience of millions during the 128th annual parade in Pasadena, California.

Pulaski is just one of 19 marching bands from across the globe chosen to take part in the famous parade that precedes the big Rose Bowl Game between Penn State and USC.

...The 200-piece Red Raider band marched through the streets of Pasadena, proudly representing home.

“I say, ‘Oh, I’m from Pulaski, Wisconsin,’ then they’re like, ‘Where’s that?’ I have to explain where it is. But just coming from a little village in Pulaski, it’s crazy to believe that we can make it to the grand stage of them all and march in the Rose Bowl Parade and do our field show at Bandfest. It’s just crazy to think that,” drum major Grant Parr said.

The band was terrific!

The talented group from Pulaski deserved the honor of being chosen to take part in the parade.

Congratulations, Pulaski High School band members, parents, and other supporters!

Something I noticed: The float directly preceding the band was from the California Milk Advisory Board, promoting California dairy products. The band from Wisconsin, "America's Dairyland," followed the California milk, butter, ice cream, and cheese float. I suppose we can put aside our dairy competition for a day as we celebrate the New Year.

In addition to the Red Raiders, the surfing dogs float from Lucy Pet was a highlight.

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