Friday, January 20, 2017

Thank You, Reince Priebus - Chief of Staff

I am so proud of Reince Priebus. He's the first Wisconsinite to hold the position of White House chief of staff.

I'm so grateful for all he's done for Wisconsin and for the nation.

There is no question that he played a critical role in Donald Trump's successful campaign.

Without him, Hillary Clinton would likely be just hours away from becoming president.

Reince Priebus changed our country's future.

From the Wisconsin State Journal:

One of Wisconsin’s big three Republicans has finally made it to the White House. Not the unintimidated governor whose high-flying presidential bid crashed. Not the policy wonk and vice presidential nominee turned reluctant Speaker. But the corporate lawyer and party insider with the funny name who lost his only race for public office.

Kenosha County’s Reince Priebus, 44, takes the reins Friday as President Donald Trump’s chief of staff, a gatekeeper position some describe as the second most difficult job in the world under normal circumstances.

Priebus will have the added challenge of working for the first president since Dwight Eisenhower without elected experience. Moreover, Trump carries high unfavorable ratings, lost the popular vote, faces criticism from members of his own party for his still murky dealings with Russia, disdains the press, and can ignite firestorms with a tweet.

He’ll also contend with other Trump advisers, such as conservative firebrand Steve Bannon and Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner. But he’ll benefit from a vast network of Republican allies, a keen understanding of the political dynamics in Washington and a longtime friendship with House Speaker Paul Ryan of Janesville, the 2012 vice presidential nominee.

...In his roles first as state GOP chairman from 2007 to 2011 and since then as Republican National Committee chairman, Priebus raised money, created the message, recruited volunteers and developed strategy, all preparing him for his latest job, Vos said.

“It’s all about building relationships, getting the agenda done, developing a strategy to accomplish it,” [Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, R-Rochester,] said. “And that’s why when he hired Reince I thought that was probably the best decision Donald Trump has made so far.”

...Priebus will be the 26th person to hold the title of White House chief of staff since the position was formally created during the Truman administration. He will be the first from Wisconsin to hold the position.
This presidential election was insane.

Of course, the Democrats trashed Reince, but even former allies did as well. Far too many Republicans/conservatives berated him for simply doing his job, helping get the Republican nominee elected.

I am so thankful that he succeeded. Hillary will not be our president. That is something to celebrate.

I agree with Robin Vos. Trump's decision to appoint Reince as White House chief of staff was tremendous.

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