Thursday, January 12, 2017

The Truth About Fake News

I am so sick of the malicious and calculated deception of the media and commentators, coming from both the Left and the Never Trump faction on the Right.

Read "Buzzfeed's Trump report takes 'fake news' to a new level" by John Podhoretz.

They have tossed out the truth and spread vicious lies. So far, they've been doing it with impunity for the most part.


The effort to delegitimize the next President of the United States is disgraceful.

This is not to say that people should be silenced and unable to express their opinions. This is simply to say that their opinions and their deranged anti-Trump agendas should not be legitimized as factually valid when they are not. I fully support debate and disagreement. I do not support smears and slander and fabrication.

CNN, MSNBC, and other Leftist "news" outlets have engaged in the most despicable activities, including giving debate questions to Hillary Clinton to give her an advantage. Their incessant Trump-bashing disguised as news has been truly DEPLORABLE.

I'm glad President-elect Trump called out CNN at his press conference. It's about time. Put out lies as probable or potential truth, pay the price. It's fair to hold the purveyors of fake news accountable.

Obama continues to rail on FOX News to this day. He has never let up on his anti-FOX News crusade. When he took office, Obama told lawmakers, and thereby American citizens, not to listen to Rush Limbaugh. The Leftist media didn't freak out about that, but President-elect Trump treating CNN appropriately is deemed to be chilling.

In Wisconsin, we had a high-profile local talk radio host disparaging the intelligence of his audience, accusing his listeners of racism, while asking forgiveness from the Leftists for contributing to poisoning our minds for years. It was terribly insulting, not to mention incredibly ineffective in terms of the election. (Wisconsin voted for the Republican presidential nominee for the first time since 1984.)

The politics of personal destruction, raised to an art form by Leftists and Hollywood hacks and the newcomers, the Never Trump contingent, is ugly. It's not productive. Engaging in that activity serves only to further diminish the perpetrators.

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August Danowski said...

So you are sick of the deception on the left, and on the Never Trump side of the right? Does that mean you are fine with deception by the pro-Trump right, or are you suggesting that the pro-Trump right has not made any deceptions?

Also, you seem to be complaining a lot lately about efforts to delegitimize our next President. Looking back, I can only find three instances of you having anything to say about the right's EIGHT YEAR effort to delegitimize our current President.

The fact that the Russians tried to interfere with our election does not delegitimize Trump's election - nobody has suggested so far that they hacked voting machines or changed the outcome of the vote itself. But it sure as hell ought to piss off every red-blooded American that the Russians were messing with us all and we ought to be looking into what they did and how.