Monday, January 23, 2017

Trump Inauguration Crowd Size

The size of the crowd for Donald Trump's inauguration is of great national importance.

The Washington Post
did an in-depth analysis of White House press secretary Sean Spicer's comments regarding the crowd.

The conclusion:

The Pinocchio Test

This is an appalling performance by the new press secretary. He managed to make a series of false and misleading claims in service of a relatively minor issue. Presumably he was ordered to do this by Trump, who conjured up fantastic numbers in his own mind, but part of a flack’s job is to tell the boss when lies are necessary — and when they are not.

Spicer earns Four Pinocchios, but seriously, we wish we could give five.
Was Obama's repeated lying about Americans being able to keep their doctor if they liked their doctor under ObamaCare called an "appalling performance" by the Washington Post? Did the paper want to give Obama five Pinocchios for his unconscionable lie?

Judging by the photos, Trump's inaugural crowd on the National Mall is smaller than the crowd for Obama's first inauguration.

Considering the bad weather and the threat of violence from anti-Trump protesters, and considering the historic nature of Obama's inauguration as the first African American president, the crowd size should come as no surprise.

I don't see this as important. It's silly.

This is the crowd size that truly matters:

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