Thursday, January 12, 2017

Trump Press Conference - January 11, 2017

President-elect Donald Trump held his first press conference since winning the 2016 presidential election yesterday.

Before Vice President-elect Mike Pence introduced Trump, Sean Spicer made a statement about the Buzzfeed hit job.

After Pence made his remarks, Trump gave an opening statement. Then it was time for questions from the press.

Here's video:

Notice how members of the press are shouting. When Obama held one of his rare press conferences, he stuck to a prepared list and called on reporters. It was an orchestrated event, pre-planned, and very controlled.

The atmosphere of Trump's press conference was very different. It was much more freewheeling.

So many of the questions were about Russia and the Buzzfeed/CNN story. Apparently, that's the biggest issue facing our new president. Quite telling in terms of the motives of the media. Then, Trump's tax returns came up. What a surprise!

About halfway through the conference, attorney Sherri Dillon gave a lengthy statement about Trump's business interests and explained how the Trump Organization will be handled to avoid ethical conflicts. As soon as she finished, the reporters pounced, yelling to get Trump's attention.

There was an ObamaCare question and a question about companies leaving the country. Trump was asked about his tweet referencing Nazi Germany, the border wall with Mexico, and his Supreme Court nominee.

Of course, the big news is Trump calling out CNN as fake news. CNN's Jim Acosta started shouting at Trump, even though it's being reported that Trump was out of line. Given that Obama had no problem marginalizing the FOX News network for the duration of his presidency, I don't see how Leftists can be so outraged over Trump refusing to take one question from CNN yesterday after he was treated so unfairly by the outlet.

I liked Trump's remarks about Russia and Hillary's "reset" button.

Bottom line: People, including the Leftist media, are going to have to come terms with the reality that a week from Friday, Trump will be the president of the United States.

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