Saturday, February 4, 2017

Ben Shapiro and Marquette Feminists

Marquette University does not have an inclusive, open, intellectual environment. The university does not welcome the free exchange of ideas. Academic freedom, when it comes to conservatives, is a joke.

But you already know that.

Marquette University Feminists Tell University President To Take Action Against Shapiro

A feminist student group at Marquette University wrote a letter to the university’s president, Michael Lovell, accusing Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro of “perpetuating racism and xenophobia,” and urging Lovell to take action regarding Shapiro’s upcoming YAF-sponsored lecture on campus.

The group calling itself “Empowerment,” which terms itself on its Facebook page as “Marquette’s Gender Equality (Feminist) Club; dedicated to the promotion of inclusive discussion concerning intersectional feminism,” writes in the letter that students “demand [the] university take responsibility.”


Young America’s Foundation, which is sponsoring the lecture by Shapiro, had a salient comment for the Marquette administration:

If you care about the conservative students on your campus who are constantly harassed for their beliefs, and if you care about engendering an environment that facilities intellectual inquiry, you will ignore this letter, apologize for the actions of your staff, and send President Lovell to attend the lecture.
There is no way Lovell would attend Shapiro's lecture. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if he cited the rioting and violence on other campuses, allegedly in response to conservative speakers, as an excuse to cancel Shapiro's appearance.

YAF's response to the Feminists' letter was perfect.

A formal apology from the administration is definitely in order, given that Marquette staff was exposed plotting to undermine the event.

Keep up the good fight, YAF.

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