Monday, February 6, 2017

Donald Trump and His Bathrobe

The New York Times has revealed that President Trump wears a bathrobe!

Usually around 6:30 p.m., or sometimes later, Mr. Trump retires upstairs to the residence to recharge, vent and intermittently use Twitter. With his wife, Melania, and young son, Barron, staying in New York, he is almost always by himself, sometimes in the protective presence of his imposing longtime aide and former security chief, Keith Schiller. When Mr. Trump is not watching television in his bathrobe or on his phone reaching out to old campaign hands and advisers, he will sometimes set off to explore the unfamiliar surroundings of his new home.
This pressing matter of Trump's bathrobe was addressed by Sean Spicer.

From Twitchy:
The detail about Trump wearing a bathrobe so enthralled the media that Press Secretary Sean Spicer addressed it during a brief press gaggle on Air Force One Monday, saying that as far as he knew, President Trump doesn’t own a bathrobe.

That sounded like a challenge to the fact-checkers in the media to get to work, which of course consisted of searching “Trump AND bathrobe” on Google. Again, the press caught Spicer in a lie (sort of), pulling up photographic proof that Donald Trump did indeed wear, and therefore likely own, a bathrobe sometime in the last few decades.

Yikes! That is an old and pretty weird photo. Let's put that image aside.

Bathrobe? Really?

I think it's safe to say that millions of Americans watch TV wearing robes. So what?

I don't know why Spicer would say "I don't think the president owns a bathrobe." That's just odd. Why turn this into Bathrobe-gate? Why address it at all? He must own a Trump hotel robe at the very least.

I'd certainly rather have Trump wearing a bathrobe in the White House residence than flopping around without one. I don't know. It's all so goofy.

Every day, there's something new to laugh about. That's not so bad but the Left's intentions are.

This is all done to diminish the president. It's mockery. The Leftists are so unhinged. Time is not helping them recover from Hillary's defeat. They're getting worse.

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