Friday, February 17, 2017

Jimmy Fallon: Trump Press Conference Jokes

JIMMY FALLON: Earlier today, President Trump held a press conference, wow, where he insulted the media, he criticized Hillary Clinton, and he talked about a hypothetical nuclear holocaust. Even Sean Spicer was like, 'You should not be talking to reporters. Hey, come here for a second.'

President Trump's press conference today lasted for an hour and fifteen minutes, though an hour of that was just scanning the room for a reporter who wouldn't ask a tough question. 'The gentleman from Highlights magazine.'
FALLON: Trump also discussed the recent bombshell about his staff communicating with Russia, and he said that he hasn't made a phone call to Russia in years. You could tell Trump was lying because his tie grew another three inches.

FALLON: It wasn't just the scandals that came out. He was asked about foreign policy, his cabinet, a whole bunch of different topics, but it seemed like he kept wanting to always bring it back to this:

[Press conference clip: Montage of Trump making references to ratings]

FALLON: The Bachelor also gets great ratings. That doesn't mean Nick should be president.

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