Friday, February 17, 2017

Trump: Media Enemy of the American People

The Leftists/Democrats/Anti-Trump people are aghast at President Trump's tweet about the media.

The media play an important role in a free society. When the media are colluding with one political party, that's a serious problem. Did these Democrat media mouthpieces serve as a destructive force? Yes. They present themselves as unbiased and giving the people truth. They don't. To the extent that they collude and push their favored Leftist agenda under the guise of news, they are, indeed, the enemy.

We need the media, but we don't need propaganda outlets trying to undermine the country.

Furthermore, the distortion of Trump's statement troubles me. He didn't say the media are the enemy of the American people.

Look at how Twitter presents it:

"President Trump claims media are the enemy of the American people."

That is inaccurate. It's false.

He said the "FAKE NEWS media" are the enemy of the American people. Media outlets that treat Republicans completely differently from Democrats are the enemy of the American people.

People are tweeting very unfair things, such as this:

It's so sleazy to exploit Daniel Pearl's death like that. Other journalists killed while doing their jobs are also being featured in similar tweets. I'm sorry to say that it's typical Leftist stuff.

Arguing that the outlets Trump cited are not hostile to Republicans would be fair. Providing evidence that CNN did not give debate questions to Hillary Clinton to give her an unfair advantage would be good. Comparing the coverage Obama received and the coverage Trump is receiving would be a good exercise. Show that the outlets are being balanced and not engaging in the distribution of misleading and false information. Do that.

Wonder why that's not happening?

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