Sunday, February 26, 2017

Trump Not Attending WHCA Dinner

The dinner of the White House Correspondents' Association, on April 29, is going to be very different this year. The president of the United States will not be attending.

The WHCA responded:

Some are calling Trump's decision a mistake. Others are calling it the right thing to do.

Some, like me, are saying, "WHO CARES? I DON'T."

Members of the Leftist press have made it clear that this would not be like other WHCA dinners, cancelling the after-party and another event. Celebrities have voiced their intentions to sit out the 2017 dinner.

I suppose, given all that hostility, it makes sense for Trump to stay away. The WHCA can have their little party and Trump can spend the evening doing something else. That's fine with me. This shuts down all the silliness that would be a distraction. It wouldn't be smart for Trump to allow his detractors to continue the drip, drip, drip humiliation scheme being waged by figures in media and entertainment. Every day, would there be another announcement of some oh so special person refusing to attend, boycotting Trump? Why put up with that?

I would bet that most Americans don't care about this dinner. What does this event have to do with our lives?

NEWS FLASH: The DC social calendar is irrelevant to us.

Media and political insiders don't seem to get that.

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