Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Bill O'Reilly, Maxine Waters, James Brown Wig

The latest outrage:

I didn't hear a word she said. I was looking at the James Brown wig.

That was a buffoonish thing for O'Reilly to say about Maxine Waters.

Why mock her appearance? It was classless.

The racist allegations, however, are ridiculous. On what grounds is O'Reilly's remark racist? James Brown and Waters do have a similar coiffure. So?

(I posted this tweet for the photos, to illustrate their hairstyles.)

What's crazy is that O'Reilly made a stupid comparison that took the attention off the despicable things Waters has said.

Instead of talking about her hair, the focus should be on her outrageous remarks.

Waters calls Trump's cabinet "scumbags." That's quite an offensive thing for Ms. Waters to say while doing a TV interview.

Without question, O'Reilly was a jerk. Surprised? I'm not.

Should he be fired for the remark? No.

Chris Matthews and other Leftists weren't fired for comparing President Trump to Hitler. The Leftists mocking the appearance of conservative women are always given a free pass. The First Lady has been mocked mercilessly. MSNBC and Lawrence O'Donnell permitted David Cay Johnston to state that Melania Trump did "very sleazy porn," but we're supposed to be outraged over a comment about Waters' hair.

I think O'Reilly's remark was inappropriate, but it doesn't rise to being worthy of getting the axe. If so, then nearly all commentators should be fired.

Trump's appearance gets a lot of attention. Have you heard anyone on TV commenting on politics reference Donald Trump's skin color or hair? The comments aren't very nice.

We all know that some people conduct themselves in a rude manner. Like Matthews, O'Reilly isn't paid to be kind.

People need to get a grip.

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