Saturday, March 18, 2017

Jimmy Fallon: St. Patrick's Day - Sessions, Mnuchin, Conway, Pence Jokes

JIMMY FALLON: It turns out everyone in the Trump administration loves St. Patrick's Day and several members took part in the festivities.

For example, Attorney General Jeff Sessions - Dressed up as the Lucky Charms leprechaun and nobody noticed.

No one, not one person.

Next, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin - Put glasses on a potato behind his desk, then went out and got "drnunk."

"Drnunk." Yeah, "drnunk."

Next, White House advisor Kellyanne Conway - Went to a St. Patrick's Day parade and took photos with her microwave.

That was cool.

And finally, Vice President Mike Pence - Tried to ban the word "Gaelic."

Enough is enough. Enough is enough.

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