Sunday, March 26, 2017

Rasmea Yousef Odeh

From the Independent Journal Review:

One of the “Women’s March on Washington” and “Day Without a Woman” organizers, is being kicked out of the United States.

Rasmea Yousef Odeh failed to disclose on her U.S. visa form 20 years ago that she was convicted of murdering two Israeli students in a supermarket bomb attack and for an attempted bombing of the British Consulate in 1969.

After a 10-year prison term, Odeh was freed in a prison swap with Palestinians.

William Jacobsen, a Cornell University law professor who runs the website “Legal Insurrection” says that the terror group Black September agitated for her release.

...For the last 20 years, Odeh has lived in Chicago. But in 2014, she was tried and convicted for immigration fraud for lying on her U.S. visa application.

The Washington Times reports that this week, Odeh found out that she’d lost her appeal. The court gave her two choices, get out of the country or go to jail.
The convicted murderer is leaving the country.

Naturally, Odeh has many supporters, considering the activist to be inspirational. The Black Lives Matter crowd can be counted among her friends.

Odeh reminds me of another killer. She's a convicted murderer, like Assata Shakur, the terrorist honored by Marquette University.

Will Marquette honor Odeh with a mural, too?

The Leftists have weird heroes.

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