Sunday, March 12, 2017

SNL: Trump-Supporting Dog

Saturday Night Live actually did a sketch that was pretty funny.

The sketch was about a new technological device that has the ability to translate a dog's thoughts into words. Basically, it's a thing worn on the dog's head and hooked up to some cables.

When the device is demonstrated on Max, the dog of Helen, a scientist played by SNL host Scarlett Johansson, it turns out he supports Trump. Max rattles off reasons for his support and mocks his owner and other Leftists.

Scientist Johansson is horrified by the revelations, as are the others witnessing the demonstration. They become angry and reprimand Max for his thoughts. One calls him a monster.

Cecily Strong's character, an investor in the research project, pulls out a gun and threatens to kill the dog.

The dog, a pug that obviously didn't like the headpiece, removing it during the sketch and requiring Johansson to put it back on him, called the people in the room "liberal snowflakes."

It was funny because the dog's character was a smart individual, expressing himself extremely well and debating skillfully. The human characters flipped out at the horror of the dog supporting Trump and conservative policies. Johansson's character found it necessary to apologize for her dog's opinions.

I didn't interpret the dog being the Trump supporter as an insult to the millions of Trump supporters. The way I saw it, the liberal snowflakes were the fools and completely out of control. The dog displayed superior intelligence and composure.

It might be seen as pathetic that the only way SNL permits the views of Trump's supporters to be expressed is via an animal and not a person. Then again, in this sketch, a dog is portrayed as conveying his thoughts more coherently than the liberals. They come off looking worse than a dog.

Here's video:

HELEN (Scarlett Johansson): [Talking to the dog] Oh, my God. Are you insane? My head's gonna explode. What about his record on women's rights? Don't you want me to have a choice over my own body?

MAX (Voiced by Beck Bennett): You didn't afford me a choice when you cut off my balls.

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