Sunday, March 19, 2017

Tim Allen, Hollywood, and 1930's Germany

Naturally, Tim Allen is coming under fire for stating how hostile Hollywood is to conservatives. The Leftists are bitching about how tasteless and wrong he is. Of course, they are on the attack on Twitter, spewing their disgust for Tim Allen.


Watch the clip above.

When Allen admits to Jimmy Kimmel that he attended Donald Trump's inauguration, he's apologetic about it. He says he was invited and went to the Veterans Ball, seeing Democrats and Republicans. Noting Allen's discomfort about the topic, Kimmel says he's not attacking him. It's then that Allen jokes about needing to be careful and refers to 1930s Germany.

At no point did Allen refer to the Holocaust.

Good grief.

The Leftists are proving Allen's point with their unfounded outrage.

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