Monday, March 20, 2017

Tom Brady's Jersey Found in Mexico

Tom Brady's Super Bowl jersey has been located.

From the Associated Press:

The mystery of Tom Brady's missing Super Bowl jersey led police all the way to Mexico, and authorities were investigating a former tabloid newspaper executive's possible role in the case.

Police and the NFL announced Monday that Brady's jersey, which went missing from the locker room after the Patriots' 34-28 overtime win over the Atlanta Falcons last month, had been found in Mexico. The NFL said the jersey was in "possession of a credentialed member of the international media."

A Mexican newspaper company, the Organizacion Editorial Mexicana, said on Twitter a short time later that a former executive from the tabloid La Prensa was involved. But it did not identify the executive, and said a statement was expected later in the day.
Another black eye for the "credentialed" media.

One crime solved. Not bad for a Monday.

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LL said...

That's better than Congress did with all of those hearings.

It's predictable that a member of the corrupt, elite, nasty, smug, lying mainstream media stole it.