Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Trump, the Freedom Caucus, and the Democrats

Donald Trump continues to trash the Freedom Caucus.

He plans to make a deal with the Democrats.

This is not good.

Trump says not to worry.

I'm worried.


Anonymous said...

Would have been nice if someone warned us that Trump isn't a real conservative and would wheel and deal with the left. Oh wait....

In other news, very interesting that the Freedom Caucus is taking the heat when Breitbart and Drudge have spent months pinning the AHCA on Paul Ryan for being RINO globalist bill. Paul Ryan is somehow managing to escape harm except on the very right-wing fringes.

Mary said...

When the Leftists flipped out after Trump was elected, I said the people who should be worried are the conservatives, that Trump would move to the Left. Without a doubt though, Hillary would have been worse. No regrets there.

Paul Ryan has his detractors and the Freedom Caucus has critics. Trump, at least in public, isn't blaming Ryan and choosing to hit the Freedom Caucus.

The diverse wings of the Republican party are clashing. It's hard to imagine anyone being able to satisfy the demands of all. There has to be compromise.

Democrats, on the other hand, march in lockstep. They have that perfected. They did anything Obama wanted. Trump doesn't have that luxury with the Republicans.