Friday, April 14, 2017

David Dao: United Experience Worse Than Vietnam

I'm not cutting United Airlines any slack for the way David Dao was treated.

However, this is too much.

From the Daily Mail:

Attorney Thomas Demetrio launched into an attack on the airline, while defending his client during a press conference in Chicago on Thursday morning.

'Here's the law – pure and simple. If you are going to eject a passenger, under no circumstance, can it be done with unreasonable force or violence,' he said.

'If unreasonable force of violence is used the common carrier – United Airlines in this case – is responsible.

...'And I would defy anyone to suggest there was not unreasonable force and violence used to help Dr Dao disembark that plane.'

The lawyer then went onto to describe how his client, who fled Vietnam at the end of the war, had told him he was more fearful on Sunday night than he was when Saigon fell in 1975.

'He told me that he had left Vietnam in 1975 when Saigon fell and he was on a boat and he said he was terrified,' Demetrio said.

'He said that when they were dragging him down the aisle it was more horrifying than what he experience in leaving Vietnam.'
Leaving Vietnam in 1975 after Saigon fell was less horrifying than being dragged down the aisle of the plane?

Sorry, but that's crazy.

At any point, Dao could have agreed to leave the plane, and take legal action afterward. He has some responsibility in this mess. There would have been no "unreasonable force and violence" if Dao had cooperated. He would not have had a broken nose or suffered a concussion or lost teeth.

I'm not defending United or the officers that removed Dao, but any comparisons to the fall of Saigon and escaping on a boat are diminishing the terror of that.

The only way out of Vietnam for Dao was apparently on a boat. Dao had no other choice. He had a choice on the plane. There was a way out of the United situation -- simply leave the plane, uninjured.

Of course, complying with United would have meant no viral video, no outrage, no lawyer holding a press conference, no big payoff for Dao.

Worse than escaping after the fall of Saigon?

Give me a break.


Another inappropriate comparison-- Dao is NO Rosa Parks.

Good grief.

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