Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Home Burger Bar, Appleton - 'Bob's Burgers'

From WBAY:
Bob, Linda, Tina, Gene, and Louise served up some "Bob's Burgers" during an April Fool's Day event at Home Burger Bar on W College Avenue in Appleton.


One of their Facebook posts was shared hundreds of times. It also made it to reddit.

The restaurant served up an "I've created a Muenster" burger in honor of the show's burger-of-the-day signs that appear in every episode.

It looks like it was a big success. On Saturday night, the restaurant posted this on Facebook: "For the first time in history...we are OUT OF BURGERS!!!!"

The restaurant is owned by the Ferg family. They were inspired by the "Bob's Burgers" cookbook.

"As for sales we did great!! Better than I imagined, and even sold out of burgers towards the end of the event. Never did I expect this to go viral, like it has. I'm very proud of our team," said one of the owners.
What a fun thing to do! I love it!

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