Thursday, April 6, 2017

Jimmy Fallon: Barry Manilow Joke

JIMMY FALLON: A lot of interesting stuff happened in the news today. Apparently, Barry Manilow announced today that he is gay. Also, scientific research found that the sky is blue and sugar is sweet, apparently. A lot of interesting stuff happening today in the news.


Anonymous said...

Well, it may be an awkward show on 4/21 when Manilow appears on Fallon to promote this CD. It is beyond me why people in the entertainment industry (which has a lot of LGBTQ professionals) would make a joke of someone coming out or why the bristling LGBTQ community gets to decide when and how someone comes out publicly. This is a very personal decision and, in the generation when Manilow was growing up, people did not freely discuss their sexuality. We'll see how Fallon handles the 4/21 appearance.

Mary said...

I don't think it will be awkward. Fallon won't bring up the topic unless Manilow wants to discuss it.

It is strange that coming out is monologue fodder, and there is almost a bullying that occurs in terms of demanding that an individual make public his or her private life.