Sunday, April 2, 2017

Julie Davis, Gold White House Easter Eggs

So, Julie Davis, New York Times White House reporter, mocks the Trump White House for having a gold Easter egg.

Oops! That was a Trump criticism she should have refrained from tweeting.

Yes, Davis has egg on her face. It "appears [her] memory of Easter Egg Rolls past was wrong." The golden egg is not a "Trump innovation."

Good grief. It would "appear" that she was very wrong. She's trying to soften the truth that she messed up. Her mockery came back to bite her.

It appears that Davis displays an extreme anti-Trump bias. It appears she's a hater. It appears she's perfect for the New York Times.

The relentless attacks on Trump for such trivial matters as the color of Easter eggs are really getting to be too much. Let's say the Obamas didn't have a golden egg and Trump was the first. So what?

The Trump haters need to give it a rest.

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