Saturday, April 1, 2017

President Hillary Clinton

Timothy Stanley writes:

And even though the shock of Trump's election victory is receding as we become more involved in just how bad he is at governing, for Clinton it will never ebb as the most stunning rebuke possible. Hillary Clinton was beaten by Donald J Trump. That is like losing the Oscar for best picture to "Police Academy VI." After that kind of humiliation, most people would quit politics and go live in a cabin. Not Hillary. She still needs us to remember who she is.

...Whatever the Democrats look like in the future, Hillary Clinton cannot be permitted to capture the conversation and distract the press. America needs to move on. She needs to pause and reflect.
Even Leftists have had enough of Hillary.

She should visit Wisconsin, now that she has time on her hands. Last year, during her presidential campaign, she was so busy. There was no time for Wisconsin.

Now that never being president of the United States is on her schedule for the rest of her life, Hillary has plenty of time to enjoy our state, go up north, wander in the woods, pause and reflect.

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