Sunday, April 9, 2017

SNL: Cold Open Mocks Trump Supporters (Video)

Saturday Night Live has pummeled President Trump mercilessly.

Saturday's show began with a new target. The cold open portrayed Trump supporters in Kentucky as dolts blindly following the man they helped elect.

Alec Baldwin again played Trump. (It's a "big deal." "60 to 75 percent of the people I encounter treat me like I was Jonas Salk and I cured polio.") What an ego!

Reactions to cold open on Twitter:

The Leftists are spinning the sketch as Trump dodging questions. They completely ignore that the supporters in the sketch still back Trump.

The Leftists are so deranged they don't understand that the sketch targets Trump's supporters. These elitists don't notice that the supporters are mocked as backing the one responsible for allegedly destroying their lives.

Trump isn't the buffoon in this sketch. His supporters are depicted as the buffoons.

Some Leftists/Trump haters did get it.

These people love mocking the Deplorables.

Here's video:

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