Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Hillary Lost, Still in Denial

Hey, Hillary!


No, you would not be our president.

You were a terrible candidate. You ran a bad campaign. You lost. It was you, Hillary, not Russia, not Comey.

Don't blame misogyny. It was you.


You lost Wisconsin. The last time Wisconsin voted for the Republican presidential candidate Ronald Reagan was in the race.

Russia had nothing to do with that. Comey had nothing to do with that. Your gender had nothing to do with that.

It was you, the Democrat candidate!

We rejected YOU. We didn't want YOU to be our president. We were so opposed to the thought of YOU in the White House as president that we voted to elect Donald Trump. Donald Trump!

Tens of millions of Americans couldn't stomach the thought of YOU running the country!

Yes, Donald Trump was a better choice than YOU!

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