Sunday, May 28, 2017

Jimmy Fallon, Messing Trump's Hair, and the Left's Outrage

I've never understood why the Leftists/Democrats went berserk over Jimmy Fallon messing up then-candidate Donald Trump's hair.

I watched that show. I saw it as it aired. My reaction at the time was that Fallon was being incredibly disrespectful. Rather than humanizing Trump, I thought Fallon sought to belittle him.

Here's my post from September 2016:

Hillary Clinton is scheduled to be Jimmy Fallon's guest on Monday.

I hope he messes up her hair.

Not doing so would be sexist.

I knew there was no way Fallon would treat Hillary with such disrespect.

I gave Trump credit for being such a good sport, but thought Fallon behaved terribly.

Now, losing in the ratings battle with Stephen Colbert, some in the media are blaming Fallon's fall on that show in September 2016, and his Trump-bashing as the result of successful bullying.

If you watch the Tonight Show, you know that Fallon has mocked Trump nonstop-- throughout the primaries, the campaign, the election, Trump's inauguration, and his presidency.

I can't think of any instance since Trump declared his candidacy when Fallon was remotely pro-Trump. Zero.

But, it is true that the Left went crazy over the hair thing.

From NewsBusters:

Fallon didn’t just treat Trump like any other presidential contender during that interview. He “normalized” Trump, using the modern left’s parlance. No hardball questions. No outrage over Trump’s campaign antics. And he did the one thing that enraged liberals the most. Fallon playfully tousled Trump’s hair.

The horror, the horror.

What happened next? Liberals savaged Fallon for his actions.

And so did the mainstream media.

...But like a puppy cowed into submission by his master, Fallon is finally playing by the media’s rules.

Here’s Fallon desperately trying to spin his actions to the press.

“I didn’t do it to humanize him…I almost did it to minimize him. I didn’t think that would be a compliment: ‘He did the thing that we all wanted to do.’”

It's weird for me to view Fallon's alleged "spin" as insincere, let alone desperate.

I believed Fallon did do that to minimize Trump. I thought he treated Trump like a joke rather than the possible next president of the United States.

When Hillary Clinton was Fallon's guest, he gushed over her, leaving no doubt as to his choice for president.

I don't get why the Leftists turned on Fallon the way they did. He has been relentless in his mockery of Trump after spending years sucking up to Obama and Michelle, giving them a free ride, sparing them ridicule.

There is reality and then there's the world in which the Leftists reside. They are crazy. Their behavior can't be explained because they are so nuts. They are irrational. They have lost it. Their meltdown after Hillary lost the election has been absolutely spectacular to behold.

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