Thursday, May 4, 2017

Jimmy Fallon: Putin Movie Reviews Joke

JIMMY FALLON: I read that director Oliver Stone has been spending time with Putin for a documentary. And apparently, the two of them sat down and watched the classic movie Dr. Strangelove together. Turns out, Putin loves classic movies. He even wrote up some reviews. Check these out. We got them. They sent them here to the Tonight Show. Let me show you some of these reviews Vladimir Putin wrote.

For the movie It's a Wonderful Life, Putin wrote: "A wonderful life?? Wow, he must have potato!"

Next, for The Wizard of Oz, Putin wrote, "I love man running things from behind curtain. Is like me during U.S. election -- er, uh, I mean nothing!"

And finally, for Finding Nemo, Putin wrote, "Bad example for children. When someone disappears, you will never find them. Trust me."

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