Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Melissa Marian Stops Carjacking

Mark Belling brought this story to my attention. It was from a FOX6 News report.

Melissa Marian posted on Facebook that she was gassing up her SUV on St. Paul Ave. on Tuesday, May 23rd around 2:00 p.m. That’s when the suspects, apparently in a stolen vehicle, tried to steal her SUV.

Marian jumped on the hood of the SUV to prevent her vehicle from being driven off. After a couple of seconds, the person inside the SUV jumped out — and left the SUV in gear.

Marian was then forced to jump into a moving vehicle — even as the suspects drove away.

Don't mess with Melissa Marian!

She refused to be a victim of a carjacking near downtown Milwaukee at 2:00 in the afternoon, broad daylight.

Marian really took a risk when she thwarted the crime.

I would have been afraid of getting shot by the thugs. I'm sure I would have allowed myself to become a victim. However, if my child was in the car, I think I may have done something as wild as jumping on the hood to prevent the thug from getting away. Other than saving my child, I wouldn't have taken such a risk.

Watch the video here.

Incredible. It's hard to believe this is real.

This is going to go viral.

She really didn't want the thugs to get her car. They got her purse and phone. I would return them because clearly Marian is a total bad ass.

This is not good news for the city of Milwaukee. Everyone is going to be talking about this attempted carjacking.

Downtown Milwaukee is not safe in the middle of the day.

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