Thursday, May 11, 2017

Rod Rosenstein and Chuck Schumer

On Wednesday morning, speaking on the floor of the Senate, Democrat Chuck Schumer declared that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein should appoint a special prosecutor to investigate collusion between Russia and President Trump's campaign.

By Wednesday afternoon, Schumer had flip-flopped.

"There are three things that our caucus agreed must happen right away," he said. "First, Mr. Rosenstein should not be the one to appoint a special prosecutor."

Schumer is an embarrassment.

Rosenstein was confirmed by a 94-6 vote on April 25, 2017. Most Democrats voted for him. He worked under both Democrat and Republican presidents. He's not a partisan hack, like Schumer.

President Trump followed Rosenstein's recommendation to fire James Comey.

And this is like Watergate?

I'm really tired of all the fake news and the fake crises.

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