Saturday, May 20, 2017

Trump Doesn't Bow

Unlike Obama, Trump didn't bow before the Saudi king.

Check out Obama's trail of bows:

There is a disturbing pattern here.

It's about Obama and his penchant for bowing to leaders.

JAY LENO: President Obama is taking heat from conservatives for bowing to the Japanese emperor the other day. Here he is. Show that picture. There he is bowing. OK, OK.

And earlier in the year, he was slammed for bowing to the Saudi King. Show that picture. There he is bowing.

And you know, I think he's taunting the Republicans now. Did you see the king he bowed to yesterday? Show that picture.

The days of the American president bowing are over.

The poor Leftists are trying to use this as evidence of Trump bowing.

Bending down so Saudi Arabian King Salman can place the King Abdulaziz al Saud Collar around his neck is not bowing.

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August Danowski said...

Watch the video. You are right that he doesn't bow - just bending forward to assist the placement of the medal over his head. But then he does a truly lovely curtsey.