Monday, June 26, 2017

Hillary and DNC Collusion

From Law Newz:
A lawsuit, filed by Bernie backers in Florida, seeks to answer that very question. Is the DNC legally allowed to collude with Clinton? Did they violate DNC rules by allegedly favoring her?

“The DNC was biased in favor of one candidate – Hillary Clinton – from the beginning and throughout the process,” the plaintiffs wrote in their original lawsuit filed last July. The complaint alleges fraud, as well as negligence as it relates to a Russian Hack on the DNC server. The Bernie backers contend that the trove of DNC emails posted by Wikileaks further proves that the Democratic Party was working against Bernie Sanders from the start.

In order to get the case dismissed, attorneys for the DNC have utilized some very clever lawyering — and in the process basically confirmed every Bernie backers’ worst fear — that the DNC was biased against their man. The attorneys, in a motion to dismiss, argued that Sanders’ supporters donated knowing that the DNC favored Hillary Clinton, and therefore the lawsuit should be thrown out.

“Indeed, publicly available information demonstrates that several proposed class representatives made donations in spite of—indeed, in many cases likely because they accepted as true—the claims of bias,” the DNC’s response reads.
So much Democrat dirt!

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