Thursday, June 1, 2017

Hillary, Covfefe, and Wisconsin

Hillary Clinton tries to be funny, but she fails.

This is her response to the following tweet from President Trump:

Before getting to Hillary's tweet, a comment on President Trump's tweet: I don't think he should use the term "Crooked Hillary."

We know she's crooked. She's a loser. She's a pathetic figure. I understand that her delusional remarks about the election are annoying but she's irrelevant. She lost the presidency. She tried twice and failed twice. She's not the first woman to be president of the United States. She's not flying around on Air Force One. She's not living in the White House. Why? Because she was a terrible candidate and ran a terrible campaign and the American people found Donald Trump to be preferable.

Here's Hillary's tweet:

Not funny. Not clever.

Hillary has to live with the fact that she lost the election to Donald Trump. She won't admit it but she was a terrible candidate. She is responsible for her loss. She made terrible miscalculations, like not campaigning in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin hasn't gone for the Republican presidential candidate since Ronald Reagan, more than thirty years ago.

Losing Wisconsin was losing big. She made history.

This is funny:

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