Friday, June 16, 2017

Jimmy Fallon: TV Networks' New Slogans Joke

JIMMY FALLON: That's right, FOX News is changing its slogan. And it turns out, they're not the only TV network that's getting a new one. Let me show you what I mean.

For example, Disney Channel's new slogan is: Cheaper Than A Babysitter.

PBS is changing their slogan to: The #1 Network For People Under 5 And Over 85.

Next up, Syfy's new slogan is: We've Been Airing The Same Rerun of "Babylon 5" For Three Years And No One's Noticed.

Next up, National Geographic's new slogan is: Basically The Playboy Channel For Chimpanzees.

Here's another. BBC America is changing their slogan to: Dumber BBC.

And finally, HGTV's new slogan is: Making You Realize How Many Annoying Couples Exist.

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