Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Obama: Election Will Not Be Rigged

Obama really blew it.

In October of 2016, Obama laughed off the suggestion that the election was rigged.

He advised Donald Trump to "stop whinin'." He told him to make his case to get votes.

I love this.

Obama expects Hillary Clinton to be elected. He's certain Hillary will be president, so he totally dismisses the idea that an American election could be rigged.

From Buzz Feed:

A week before the 2016 presidential election, Senators Dianne Feinstein and Benjamin Cardin sent President Barack Obama a letter urging him to take swift action against Russia for meddling in the electoral process through state-sponsored cyberattacks “on United States’ democratic institutions.”

“Such attacks cannot be tolerated and the United States must take immediate measures to ensure that those responsible are held to account,” the Democratic lawmakers wrote in a previously undisclosed letter dated Nov. 1, 2016.

“The seminal event in a functioning democracy is an election, and the international implications of the results of the U.S. election are far reaching. Russia’s actions threaten to undermine our process,” Feinstein and Cardin wrote. “Our electoral infrastructure is strong, but it is incumbent upon us to ensure that our institutions are protected. A cyberattack on our electoral process or any part of our critical political, economic or military infrastructure is a hostile action that must be countered.”

...Neither Obama nor anyone in the White House responded to Feinstein and Cardin. In fact, the senators did not receive a formal response to their letter until Dec. 7, 2016, when Julia Frifield, the assistant secretary in the State Department’s Office of Legislative Affairs, responded on the president’s behalf.

“As we have made clear to the Russian government and others, we will not tolerate attempts to interfere with the U.S. democratic process, and we will take action to protect our interests, including in cyberspace and we will do so at a time and place of our choosing,” Frifield wrote. “We appreciate your thoughts on steps that could be taken to respond to cyber threats, and assure you that the Administration is undertaking a comprehensive strategy to respond to malicious cyber activities and significant cyber threats, using a full range of diplomatic, law enforcement, economic and other public and private tools.”

Leftists have jumped on this tweet, saying that Trump's comment acknowledges Russian meddling in the election.

Hey, Leftists!

The real issue is WHY Obama did NOTHING.

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