Monday, June 5, 2017

Scott Walker Recall Victory: Five Years Ago

Five years ago, Wisconsin voters chose Scott Walker to be governor, making him the first governor in the United States to survive a recall election.

It was historic.

The crazed Democrats/Leftists crashed and burned in historic fashion.

Their insanity elevated Scott Walker, turning him into a national figure and setting the stage for his presidential run.

They did all that.

From five years ago:




I'm so proud of Governor Scott Walker and Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch.

I'm so proud of my fellow Wisconsinites.

We, the "silent" majority - the ones who didn't occupy the Capitol and blow vuvuzelas or bang drums or dress like zombies or send death threats or sign recall petitions or key cars with bumper stickers showing support for our political opponents - voted in huge numbers.

No vans scooped us up and dropped us off for early voting. No paid activists pounded on our doors and ushered us to the polls.

This was a grassroots victory.

All the organization and the money and the manpower the unions could muster wasn't enough to defeat us.

The Leftist/Democrat/unionista tantrum, the historic hissy fit, was a complete and utter waste. COMPLETE AND UTTER WASTE!

We are the majority. And yesterday, we sent the message that we aren't silent.

The taxpayers, hard-working Wisconsinites, prevailed.

This election was a referendum on reform. We won. WE WON!

Now, where were we before the Leftists went berserk in February 2011?

Oh, yeah. Wisconsin is open for business.

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