Thursday, June 8, 2017

Trump Made Comey 'Uncomfortable'

Poor James Comey.

President Trump made him feel uncomfortable. Oh no!

From The Mark Levin Show, June 6, 2017:
MARK LEVIN: If this man (James Comey) thought that he was under pressure, let alone obstruction, but under pressure, he could have told Congress any time during his multiple appearances before various committees of the House and Senate. He could have gone to the media. He loved the media. He could have gone to social media. He's got a social media account. He could have screamed at the top of his lungs. He did none of these things.

If you feel that the president is putting the shoulder on you, and you're the FBI director, and you honestly feel it, you have an obligation to speak out then and there, contemporaneously, not to make a contemporaneous memo, but to speak out. But he didn't, because he's a phony.

'The request made Comey uncomfortable.' Oh, I'm sorry. Made him uncomfortable. No, ladies and gentlemen, if you're constipated, you're uncomfortable. If he really believed that the president was interfering with him or the investigation or insinuating such, you don't sit there like you're constipated and feel uncomfortable. You speak out, but he didn't.

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