Friday, July 7, 2017

Paul Ryan's Sleeveless Dress Ban

From The Daily Wire:

The Left has become apoplectic over the notion that Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-WI) banned women from wearing sleeveless dresses in the House building. There's just one problem: this has been the House dress code for years.

It all started with a CBS News report about a female reporter who was blocked from entering the Speaker's lobby because she was wearing a sleeveless dress. The reporter, identified as Weekly Standard reporter Jenna Lifhits, attempted to use paper from her notebook as a way to cover up her shoulders, but she still wasn't allowed through.

CBS also noted that Independent Journal Review reporter Haley Byrd was booted from the Speaker's lobby for wearing a sleeveless dress.


Cue the feminist outrage....

The problem is that this is not a new policy for the House. Amanda Carpenter set the record straight on the matter:

Others concurred:

The Leftists/Feminists are such fools.

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